Children’s parties at the Apūzes Street branch

At Pleskodāle

Laumiņas Rezidence is the best place for celebrations!


For thematic parties, play and games are selected especially for each party.

Children can arrive in masks or thematic costumes, have pictures of them taken at the photo corner with different photo props, or work at thematic creative workshops!

Both the little ones and adults will feel good here — in the whirlwind of a children’s party there will be a spot with a coffee table for parents, godmothers, grandmothers and other beloved guests.

Arrange an unforgettable party!

Rent the playroom and playground at the Apūzes Street branch!

At Apūzes Street:

  • We offer bright, spacious and cosy premises for your children’s parties both during holidays and on business day evenings;

  • We ensure possibility to arrive 30 minutes before the party begins to prepare as necessary — put up decorations and lay the tables;

  • On holidays: 2 hours 90 EUR, 3 hours 120 EUR, 4 hours 150 EUR;
  • On business days: 2 hours 80 EUR, 3 hours 110 EUR.
Sazināties par Bākužu ielu

Additional options

For a separate fee, upon prior agreement, we offer:


  • Individual decoration — balloons, pennants, posters, decorations on the tables;
  • Provide food for the party;
  • Prepare gifts and awards — for the little guests;
  • Complement the festivities with helium balloons, magicians and trick masters, dancers and performances;
  • Provide a photographer to capture beautiful moments.

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