Children’s parties at the Apūzes Street branch

In Riga, our teaching is unique because our pedagogical process is based on contemporary and innovative content with a view to improve reasoning of children already from the preschool age.

We are working in such way as to develop the small personalities into individual and unique thinkers, so that the future world would have determined, creative, responsible and wise members of society.

Children are taught by a team of modern educators and their assistants who continuously extend their knowledge in the latest trends in preschool pedagogy, adapting to each child individually, and also involving parents to ensure a more successful pedagogical process.


Aija Kriškovska

Ķelnes Street, Bākūžu Street, Nometņu Street

e-mail:  [email protected]

mob.: 29427212

Determined, creative, modern, with positive thinking and ready for challenges. I never complain about any hardships but do everything to overcome them.

“I am the architect of my own fortunes, everything I own I have achieved myself. My companies have grown along with my children, and they have also helped me grow and improve. My happy day’s formula — a glass of carrot juice served by my beloved husband, smiling children and a moment of time for myself.”

Mārtiņš Jurjevs

Hospitāļu Street, Apūzes Street

e-mail: [email protected]v

mob.: 27875559

My goal is providing high-quality preschool education for the new generation. To inquire and develop each child’s personality and let them express it.

"My children have improved my life and have given me motivation. I want to repay them in kind — by creating homely and professional kindergartens where children obtain friends, knowledge and life experience.
Our future is in our children’s hands!

We are proud of our team

Alise Zepa

Educationalist — at Apūzes, Hospitāļu branches

e-mail: [email protected]

mob.: 29372258

Since 2010, concurrently with studies at the Riga Teacher Training and Education Management Academy (RPIVA), as a teacher at preschool and primary school — I have associated my life with kindergarten and children.

During these years I have experienced loads of pleasant emotions and very many children have been sent off to further education institutions. When I started working as a preschool teacher, I already knew I wanted to go further and definitely saw becoming an educationalist as one of the options for further growth. I saw such opportunity at this amazing education institution “Laumiņas Rezidence”.

At present, this work is like a great addition to my life, I really like passing on to teachers what I obtained when I was a teacher and receiving back excellent work from creative teachers who have the desire to learn. This work is great because each day is different and this profession requires constant self-improvement.

Linda Grietiņa

Bākužu filiāles vadītāja, Metodiķe - Nometņu, Bākūžu un Ķelnes ielas filiālēs

e-pasts: [email protected]

mob.: 27581019

I am a wife and mother to two lovely children. I have higher education in pedagogy — a bachelor’s degree in the profession of sports and biology teacher and preschool teacher. 

I really like music and sports, I love travelling and going to the seaside in my free time. I am positive, open to good conversations, and smile a lot because a smile is what opens people's hearts.

This work gives me joy, therefore I like working and cooperating with the little smart kids and, of course, with the amazing colleagues.  

Elza Šmitiņa

Ķelnes ielas, Nometņu ielas filiāles vadītāja

e-mail: [email protected]

mob.: 28802551

I am a purposeful woman with a desire to always grow and develop. I have two higher educations — a bachelor’s degree in management science an professional bachelor’s degree in education with qualification in the profession of preschool and psychology teacher. For one year, I acquired the science of education in exchange studies in Portugal.

Working as a preschool teacher, I realised that I am good at work with children and that this is the area for me. Later, everything came together into one picture as “jigsaw puzzle pieces” — I was offered an opportunity to work as the manager at a preschool, which is where I am now.

I have been working as a manager for “Laumiņas Rezidence” for several years now and call it my second home. At present, the latest challenge is the new and beautiful Mežaparks branch where I work as the manager. My objective is a peaceful and harmonic environment for everyone — children, parents and employees!

Ginta Upeniece

Manager of Apūzes, Hospitāļu branches

e-mail: [email protected]v

mob.: 27875559

For more than ten years, my everyday life is spent working with children both taking care of the littlest pupils at preschool and gaining trust from pupils at primary school. I started working with children as a dance teacher, holding folk and contemporary dance classes, participating in competitions, festivals, Song and Dance Festifals.

A lot has been experienced together with children, and the genuine heart-filling emotions I have gotten through work with children have lead me to working as a preschool education manager.

Kindergarten is a second home to both the little ones and the big ones, and “Laumiņas Rezidence” is also my home where I can take create unforgettable memories full of love for children. In words of the fairy-tale character Winnie the Pooh, “Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”

Open Vacancies

There are no open vacancies at the moment!

If your desired vacancy is currently unavailable, yet the mission of “Laumiņas Rezidence” is close to your heart,
and you want to work in a dynamic, creative, bubbly company, and if you are certain that
exactly your knowledge and experience is what we need, send your CV and application
letter to [email protected] and we will place it in our files.

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